About Be Sharpe

We hear the news stories detailing the difficulties some of our young people have getting that first job.  Rather than ignore our young peoples plight, we are taking some positive action to address the issues they face.  A lot of time and money is spent on preparing young people for work using part time education courses and job clubs, but it must be really disappointing if after this the young person still cannot gain that first job. Be Sharpe was formed to tackle the issue in a more positive way. We want to give the young people a period of paid employment where they can gain some work experience and improve their life skills, increasing their confidence and self worth. We want to bring hope to those in despair, unlocking the potential we all have in a very practical way, using the workplace.

Our name was chosen to honour Berryl Sharpe, a Basingstoke resident who through her life had a concern for the disadvantaged. It is due to her legacy that enabled this social enterprise to be initiated.

We would like to thank the following Companies and Organisations for helping us get started and set up:

Letcom Letting Agents
Mcdougall Signs Ltd
Fineprint Ltd
Basingstoke Community Churches
Beton Construction Materials Ltd

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Our work with young people