Trainees – the primary focus for Be Sharpe

As we start this venture our primary focus will be on helping young people between the ages of 18 and 25 get that all important paid work experience in a real commercial environment. As well as the on the job training we plan to include time for training in various life skills as we develop the programme.


We expect our trainees to have a desire to work, an interest in developing their skills and a willingness to take instruction. We will provide a supportive environment that has the best interest of the trainees at heart.


The trainees will be contracted to work for us for a fixed time frame after which, we hope they will be sufficiently confident and capable to move onto new employment. In time it maybe possible to offer an apprenticeship depending on the needs of the enterprise.

During their time with us they will have the opportunity to test their practical skills on a variety of projects in the property maintenance area and with time maybe able to specialise in one area. Working will also build on their life skills and encourage good time keeping, communication, teamwork, reliability etc. All skills valued by employers.

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Our work with young people